Phenoils will tests Olive oil extraction with Ultrasounds and Pulsed Electric Fields

  • Oils obtained with innovative extraction techniques will be compared with oils from conventional extraction technique.
  • Some courses, masterclasses and workshop Will be carried out with the aim to increase project´s dissemination.


PHENOILS, European project of R&D, which is financially supported by EIT-FOOD leading by Acesur, accompanied by a consortium of international entities as Instituto de la Grasa-CSIC (Centre for advanced scientific studies), University of Turin, Technological German centre of Fraunhofer and Portuguese company Energy Pulses Systems, enters its last annuity with the objective of consolidating the promising results obtained previous years.

This annuity, educational events will take place in Spain, Italy and Greece (as in 2021´s annuity), along with the incorporation of a new country linked with Olive Oil sector, Croatia, where will be taught a workshop with the collaboration of University of Zagreb and participation of University of Turin, to disseminate advances obtained in last annuities.

Virgin Olive oils obtained as result of innovative extraction techniques selected to the Olive Oil extraction (Ultrasounds, Pulsed Electric Fields and both combined), will be compared with control Olive oils (obtained from traditional extraction process), in same conditions and same olive cultivar, looking for successfully results that provide added value to the product from a functional (antioxidants) and industrial (yield extraction) point of view.

Simultaneously with development of technical section, will be achieved courses, masterclasses and workshop to increase dissemination in Olive Oil sector. Likewise, will be published the obtained results, reporting to the scientific and academic community in RIS countries.

As consequence, PHENOILS aims to achieve Extra Virgin Olive Oils with higher polyphenols content (antioxidants), beneficial compounds in health, thanks to use innovative extraction techniques in conventional process which provide to the product an important added value, with bests results in yield extraction. Due to this, 2022´s annuity is a technological challenge which will test at industrial scale, viability of innovative extraction techniques, with final results.