2 April, 2019

Who we are

The Instituto de la Grasa is a Food Service and Technology research centre of the Spanish National Research Council located on the Pablo de Olavide University campus in Seville.

Faithful to its principles since 1947, the Instituto de la Grasa specialises in research on food lipids and derivatives of oleaginous products, especially table olives. However, the emergence of new demands and needs in the productive sector has prompted an expansion of the initial scientific objectives and the consequent addition of new lines of research.

These include obtaining and characterising quality, healthy, safe food, and implementing new, environmentally-friendly technologies in the agrifood sector. This activity is based on two fundamental elements: basic and applied multidisciplinary research focusing particularly on interrelationships with the agribusiness sector, and dynamic interaction with national and international organisations related to the same sector.

Hence, the institute contributes decisively to improving the scientific and technological level of these sectors, which are of great economic and social importance in Spain, while its specialisation at sectoral level renders it unique in the world.