2 April, 2019

Lipid Characterisation and Quality

The research groups in this Department work within the line of research entitled “Characterisation and Quality of Food Oils, Fats and Lipids”, focusing on the development of analytical methodologies to assess quality, determine purity, and detect contaminants in edible oils and fats in general and olive oils in particular.

They also study interactions between different components, the formation of degradation products, and advanced strategies to delay oxidation and the formation of compounds with negative health implications.


  • Analysis and chemometric of animal fats.
  • Quality. authenticity and technology of olive oil
  • Lipid Modificacions in Foods
  • Non-destructive monitoring food quality
  • Carbonyl-amine reactions produced by lipids: Consequences in food quality and safety
  • Food Traceability and Quality (SEXIA)