Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC) offers two postdoctoral positions under the EMERGIA program funded by “Junta de Andalucia” regional government. (

Candidates wishing to apply have to follow the application platform for the EMERGIA program described at

In case of success for the EMERGIA program, successful candidates might join one of the Instituto de la Grasa positions after agreement with the Principal Investigator (PI) involved in one of the two positions.

We encourage to contact PI at any time for further information on the offered position.

Position 1: Valorisation of alperujo through the bioproduction of volatile fatty acids with high industrial interest due to their role as basic molecules for biorefinery processes for the production of bioplastics, high added value chemicals or for the generation of biofuels. This in the frame of studying new management systems to promote full valorisation of the large volume of alperujo generated every year by the olive oil sector (4-5 million tons/year in Andalusia). PI: Fernando G. Fermoso email:

Position 2: Development of new structured fats from sunflower oil with high commercial value as healthier alternatives to the well-known trans fats derived from partial hydrogenations of vegetable oils, animal fats and palm oil. For this purpose, it is necessary to develop new lipase enzymes with improvements in their chemo- and regio-specificity and changes in their optimal catalysis temperatures. PI: Rafael Garcés emal: