Beatriz Gandul Rojas

Extension: 431169/431171 Lab.

Graduated in Chemistry from Seville Univ., Beatriz Gandul Rojas did her Ph. D thesis in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Pigments Group of the Instituto de la Grasa of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and she was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the private industrial sector. Since 1996, she is a Senior Scientist at the IG-CSIC and currently, deputy director at the Instituto de la Grasa.
Her research is part of the axis of food quality and safety, and covers aspects from the suitability of the raw material and the food processing and preservation, to health in relation to its consumption, and focuses on studying (1) modifications of chlorophylls and carotenoids in the processing of table green olives, (2) pigment composition of virgin olive oil: quality and authenticity parameters, (3) catabolism of chloroplastic pigments and enzyme systems involved and (4) bioaccessibility of chlorophyll compounds.
She has 58 SCI scientific contributions and 12 Book Chapters and she has participated in 44 research actions funded, being leader in 8 Projects, 4 Private Research Contracts and 2 Patent License Agreements.
She has been part of Scientific-Technical Thematic Networks and the Scientific Committee of the International Congress on Pigments in Food. She has been Professor in High Specialization Courses, Doctoral Programs and Postgraduate Master's degree and directed 2 Ph. D Theses. In technology transfer activities she is inventor of 4 patents, sells services to food companies and public control bodies and generates Social Value by participating in outreach events.