Francisco Rodríguez Gómez

Extension: 165

     Degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Granada (1991). A year later he started his research activity at the Instituto de la Grasa as a Research Assistant. In 2004 he obtained the position of Specialist Technician of Medium Degree. Diploma of "Advanced Studies in Foods" by the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Seville (2008). Doctor by the University of Seville since 2015 with a rating of Outstanding CUM LAUDE. Over 26 years, all of them at the Instituto de la Grasa, working in the area of Food Science and Technology, specifically in the study of table olives and food preservation. Experience and mastery of all instrumental techniques and analysis associated with the process of fermentation of table olives. Technological experience in the preparation and packaging of different varieties and preparations of table olives. Preparation and development of different types of biochemical analysis for the quantification of the cellular and extracellular enzymatic activity of microorganisms immersed in table olive fermentations. Specialist in the genotyping of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts through the Bionumerics program. Collaborator with the IOC, as a taster, on the possible organoleptic descriptors of table olives. Development of symbiotic olives through the formation of targeted biofilms 51 scientific articles published in reputed international journals with high impact index and 8 book chapters in editorials such as Elsevier, Wiley, etc. Director or co-director of 1 Ph.D thesis and 3 Master thesis Participation in 37 national and international scientific congresses. Participation in > 20 projects and research contracts with companies. Author of 2 patents and 2 industrial secrets. Founding partner in 2016 of the start-up TAFIQS in FOODS, licencing technology of CSIC and the University of Córdoba (winner of the First Prize of the X Business Ideas Competition of the University of Córdoba within the Galileo's Plan for Innovation and Technology Transfer). Lecturer in various editions of the International Master in Oliviculture and Elaiotechnics (organized by the Universities of Córdoba, Jaén and the International Olive Council), in the Master's Degree in Science and Technology of Oil and Fermented Beverages of the Pablo de Olavide University, and in the Course of preparation of Table Olives (organized by the IG-CSIC). Co-Director and lecturer in the Postgraduate and Specialization course of CSIC entitled "Isolation, Characterization and Molecular Identification of Microorganisms in Foods". Tutoring of an Erasmus + Trainneship student (220 hours) and another student within the Collaboration agreement between the University of La Rochelle and the Instituto de la Grasa (240 hours). Current member of the Institute Board of the Instituto de la Grasa. Speaker on 4 occasions at the Alorenian Technical Conference in Malaga. I have developed several technological reports for companies in the table olive sector, both national and international.