Concepción Romero Barranco

Extension: 141/131 Lab.

     I started my research career at the Instituto de la Grasa (IG-CSIC) at 1992. I was granted with a fellowship to carry out my PhD studies at the Food Biotechnology Department; the subject of my doctoral thesis was the formation and fixation of color in Black Ripe Olives so that I obtained my doctor degree in March of 1997. I did a postdoctoral stay of two years (1997-1999) at the Institute of Food Research (Reading, UK), where I investigated about the characterization of Oporto wines, in particular its polyphenolic composition and relationship with wine color. Then, I returned to the Instituto de la Grasa because of a post-doctoral fellowship (Spanish Government, MEC-2000-2001). Subsequently, I obtained a new post-doctoral fellowship (Spanish Government, I3P2002-2005) and, finally, a Ramón y Cajal contract (Spanish Government, February-June, 2005). In June of 2005, I achieved a permanent position as a Tenured Scientist CSIC and actual I am Deputy Director of Transfer and Technology of the Instituto de la Grasa. My research work has been focused on the knowledge of table olives processing, olive oil, and olive by-products. Specifically, I have been specialized in the characterization of bioactive components of the olive-derived foods such as polyphenolic compounds and triterpenic acids. I have participated in 30 Research, Development and Innovation Projects. Also, I have participated in 30 Research, Development and Innovation Contracts. The results of these years of investigation have been published in more than 100 original research papers of national and international relevance. I have participated in more than 60 communications to national and international Congresses. On the other hand, I have collaborated in 6 Patents. Also, I have contributed to obtain the "Protected Designation of Origin of Oil Montoro-Adamúz (CE no.: ES-PDO0005-0658-08.11.2007). I have been director of 2 doctoral theses and 4 master theses. In addition, I have been supervisor of the training of more than 12 students from national and international universities and I have participated as a teacher in courses organized by the University of Seville, University of Cordoba, University of Pablo de Olavide and Instituto de la Grasa. Also, I am a membership of the Academy Commission of the Master's Degree in Science and Technology of Oils and Fermented Beverages (Pablo de Olavide University) since 2017.