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Brief history.


The relevance of the Industry of oils and fatty substances to the Spanish economy led the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) to appoint in 1946 a Technical Commission Specialized in Fats to plan research and support activities for the Sector. The commission drafted a detailed report in which it proposed the creation of a Specialized Institute, the INSTITUTO ESPECIAL DE LA GRASA Y SUS DERIVADOS (SPECIAL INSTITUTE OF FATS AND FAT DERIVATIVES), initially charged with studying and resolving the more serious problems affecting the fat and fat derivative producing industries. At the end of 1946 the Association agreed to build the Headquarters of the Instituto Especial de la Grasa y sus Derivados in Seville. Renamed as Instituto de la Grasa in 1994.








General Objectives


The main objective of Instituto de la Grasa is the development of basic and applied multidisciplinary research within the agri-food sector aiming to obtain high-quality, healthy, and safe foods, as well as the implementation of new environmental friendly technologies. This all in the context of an ongoing process in which the Instituto de la Grasa remains as a scientific and technological institution of reference in the world in terms of food lipid research, and also in order to fulfill this role for other foods and food products/by-products of both plant and animal origin.


Scientific objectives


We work on the scientific and technological aspects in the field of the food lipids, including safety, authenticity and fraudulent aspects, and the study of the modifications and interactions of lipids produced as a consequence of food processing:


i) Studying the scientific aspects related to oil crops and horticultural products, including plant secondary metabolism, in order to improve the quantity and quality of plant foodstuffs.


ii) Providing evidence for health promotion and disease prevention, or treatment, caused by bioactive ingredients and constituents from plant products and foods through innovative research across a range of food and nutrition-related disciplines.


iii) Advancing in the characterization of the pathways involved in the plant lipid metabolism, as well as their regulation, in order to improve plant products from a quantitative and qualitative point of view.


iv) Developing technological research related to olive products and horticultural commodities in order to obtain more competitive and healthier products and, at the same time, implement new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of processing.


Knowledge transfer


We want to collaborate with public and private institutions, in order to accelerate knowledge and technology transfer, as well as to provide technical assistance.




One of our goals is teaching, strengthening relationships with the universities, companies and institutions, considering actions to favour knowledge and mutual collaboration and training actions.


Internationalization activities


Strengthen the national and international dimension of the Instituto de la Grasa. Implementing actions which reassess the research offer of Instituto de la Grasa, in the national and international field, by encouraging the promotion of external relations and considering actions to create a participative model in managing national and international relations.



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